An overview of the most asked questions


What is Chaintip?

Chaintip is a high-frequency exchange platform that serves as a traditional fiat gateway to cryptocurrencies and that is safe and secure by design!

What problem does Chaintip solve?

At Chaintip we want to bring trust and transparency to the ecosystem by providing real-time audits by trusted third-parties, zero-knowledge solvency proofs and security. We want to make people comfortable with keeping their funds on the exchange, hence eliminating the hassle of hardware wallets.

What is the major difference with existing exchanges?

Chaintip is built with a decentralized back-end, which provides a high level of security, many possible integrations of third parties, such as real-time auditing making sure we are always compliant with regulations.

Why should I use Chaintip?

If you want to safely trade in liquid markets and store your funds on an exchange that you can trust and that is compliant and audited, choose Chaintip.

Do I have to go through a KYC proces to make an account on Chaintip?

In order to comply with regulations we require all participants to follow a KYC procedure.

Is there a beta version?

There is no beta version at this moment.

Will there be an API?

Yes, we will develop a FIX API. FIX is the leading protocol for fast messaging, direct connectivity and trading in the financial markets.

Will it be safe to leave my funds on the Chaintip platform?

Yes, we aim to provide the highest level of security. In a later stage, we hope to provide an insurance for every user.

What can we expect from Chaintip in the near future?

Our ambition is to eventualy be one of top volume exchanges.

What currencies will I be able to deposit and withdraw?

Most mainstream FIAT currencies will be supported on the exchange. However, we will mainly focus on making liquid euro markets.

How can I stay updated on the progress?

Follow our social channels like Telegram, Medium or subscribe to the newsletter to stay updated on our progress!